Luis Creations is the leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of quality art & craft products, especially in supplying art shops, gift shops and retail business worldwide with our innovative calligraphy tools.

One of our main product is the Reusable Brush Lettering Workbook. With this reusable workbook, you can practise and improve your lettering skills by writing the characters over and over again, thousands of times with just a brush pen filled with water, without even using a single piece of paper. Your writings will dry out and disappear gradually just like magic, allowing you to practise all over again.

The best seller is the Moblique 2-in-1 penholder. The Moblique is an innovative take on dip penholders used for pointed pen calligraphy. The Moblique comes in 12 chic colours, all interchangeable which encourages people to buy more than 1 in order to create an endless combination of personalized colours. The holder can also be unscrewed to reveal a hidden compartment to be used as storage for spare nibs whilst on the go.

We also created The Soap, which is the first ink stirrer designed for the need of calligraphers. It is not only portable and functional, it is thoughtfully manufactured to be aesthetically pleasing as a chic tool that no calligrapher can deny needing.

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About the Designer  Luis Chiang

Luis Chiang was born in Macau in 1967 and migrated to Australia in 1985. Luis and his family lived with a retired farmer in Deniliquin NSW, where he learnt his woodworking and metalworking skill in the shed of the farmhouse.

After completing high school, Luis moved to Melbourne to commence studies at RMIT majoring in art and photography.

Luis founded an advertising company in Melbourne CBD since 1992, and has been commissioned by Australia Post and Macau Post for stamp design for 12 years.

His first oblique penholder was created in early 2015 for his girlfriend who is a calligrapher and ever since then he fell in love making it.

He started his business as Luis Creations creating and selling his pen holders globally.

The exceptional quality and shiny finish of his handmade penholders has made him known to the calligraphy world.

His penholders are modern and simple, yet elegant.

Luis enjoys making his own custom pen blanks, with his signature at a time, the Sakura remaining one of the most well loved penholders.

He only takes custom orders a few times a year, so you will have to keep an eye out on his IG, Facebook and website for when these open.

Apart from making penholders, he designed the Soap, the first ever ink stirrer for calligraphers, which has now been used by both professional and novice calligraphers all over the world.

Furthermore, in response to increasing market demand for quality yet affordable penholders, he released a 2 in 1 straight and oblique penholder with a secret compartment built into its body; the Mobllque.

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  1. Pete

    Hi Luis

    I found your site while searchin the net for calligraphy products. I’m a (very!) amateur calligrapher, and enjoy making things like birthday cards for family and friends using my trusty old Sheaffer that’s never let me down even after at least 20 years usage.

    I think you make really well-designed, functional items, and spent an enjoyable few minutes browsing your site and the products you’ve created. Well done to you!


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