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The new breed of Moblique is hatching

2 seasons in the making, from a humble sketch a new generation of Moblique comes to life and it is now in its final stage. We are proud to present MOBLIQUE AL. It is sleek, elegant and made of high quality aluminium. Not only does it have Moblique’s signature barrel storage, the length of the staff is now adjustable.

Moblique AL #mobliqueal

🔸durable all metal design composed of lightweight and high class aluminium; weighing at only 19 grams, it’s comfortable and easy to clean
🔸4 part construction, is able to convert from a full-size to a short penholder
🔸2-in-1 design, easily convertable from oblique to straight holder
🔸compartment to hold nibs inside the body
🔸4 colours available, interchangeable with 12 other Moblique colours, you will be able to mix and match to create a unique penholder that suits your personality
🔸compatible with all Moblique accessories including MoRings and MoFlanges

The all-new Moblique AL will be available by Q4 2021.

Stay tuned for more details.

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