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El Dorado & Artemis – the new 2-in-1 resin penholder by Luis Creations

We are very excited to announce two new penholders, El Dorado and Artemis will be launched in January 2020!

El Dorado and Artemis are the first resin penholder designed by Luis Creations featuring the 2-in-1 function. It can switch between being an oblique or straight holder by removing the flange. 

  • Made with crystal clear resin, the El Dorado embedded with gold coloured foil and the Artemis embedded with silver coloured foil
  • The crystal clear resin is durable and easy to clean
  • The flange is interchangeable, fully compatible with all MoFlange
  • Shaped and weighted similar to a fountain pen, perfect for those who prefer a solid feel on their holder
  • The packaging is reusable. It doubled as a twist-lock pen case and can be adjusted to fit any penholder from 120mm-215mm
The penholder is packed in a reusable plastic pen case.
The twist-lock pen case can be adjusted to fit any penholder from 120mm-215mm, even with the nib installed! A great way to protect the penholder on the move.


  • Grip size: fingers grip 9.8mm, widest point 13.3mm
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Penholder material: resin
  • Flange material: brass
  • Flange setting: customised to fits G nibs. (It will be able to fit other nibs by remove the flange, insert the nib and put the flange back in place.)
  • Nib is not included

Recommend retail price will be around USD 32.80

For more information and where to get them, please follow @luis.creations Instagram for the latest news.

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